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A750 4.0 ICS multi-language

Good News!!

A750 4.0 ICS multi-language(Russian, French, German, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Malay, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesia, Spanish, Persian, Portuguese, Thai, Romanian, Brazil, Portuguese … … ) have came out.

Just at etotalk.com

Dutch interface

German interface

Italian interface

Russian interface

Indonesia interface

Turkey interface

French interface

Yasufumi interface


Portugal interface

Spain interface

Arabic interface

Malaysia interface


More language list

others please ask etotalk.com




8 Responses

  1. Diego says:

    Where we can download this rom?

  2. israel says:

    is thers hebrew language in this rom? (in memu & sub menues)

  3. Skizoo says:

    Does it support Arabic (Read & write) ?

    How Arabic interface looks like ?

  4. Fabio says:

    Hello, if the Android 4.0 ICS Multilanguage for Lenovo a750 is came out can I have the link to download it?

    Thank you


  5. israel says:

    is there ics multilanguage rom with hebrew on the menues for LENOVO A750 ?

  6. avi says:

    Is there hebrew in this rom?

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